Colin Cochrane Steals Google Algorithm From Matt Cutts

by Colin Cochrane 6/6/2008 2:14:18 PM

In a feat of incredible cunning, Colin Cochrane stole the Google Algorithm from Matt Cutts, the popular Googler who recently was promoted to moral compass at the search giant.  The following pictures show the daring feat as it happened at the SEOmoz party following SMX Advanced in Seattle this week.

Colin Cochrane Steals Google Algorithm From Matt Cutts

Colin Cochrane Steals Google Algorithm From Matt Cutts In A Sepia Tone

Cochrane's plans for the stolen algorithm remain a mystery. 


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6/6/2008 8:20:12 PM

Please forward that to....

Hobo United Kingdom

6/9/2008 11:42:11 AM

I'm surprised.  I would have thought it would be bigger than that. Smile

Barry Welford Canada

6/12/2008 1:05:33 AM

Haha! Sphunn...

Richard Baxter United Kingdom

9/19/2008 6:12:55 AM

funny home.. lolz... nice seo

Fanimation United States

1/29/2009 12:36:15 AM

that was hillarious lol..matt looks a bit fat i think..hehe

kpli Malaysia

8/28/2009 11:46:00 AM

I'll be short and sweet and just say this is way cool. Smile

Jack United States

9/18/2009 4:52:28 AM

Wow, I never knew that Colin Cochrane Steals Google Algorithm From Matt Cutts. That's pretty interesting...

Yachtcharter Griechenland Greece

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