Search Friendly Development On The Microsoft Stack Presentation

by Colin Cochrane 6/5/2008 11:32:00 AM
As promised, I have made my presentation from SMX Advanced available for download for those who are interested.

Thanks again to all those who attended, and special thanks to the organizers of SMX Advanced who put on a fantastic conference, and to Vanessa Fox for inviting me to come and speak. Developer Day was a great success, and I can't wait to see what happens next year. [More]


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IIS 7 Site Won't Start After Upgrading to Vista Service Pack 1

by Colin Cochrane 3/25/2008 9:08:09 AM
After letting Service Pack 1 install overnight, I logged in to my machine this morning looking forward to exploring some of the new features added to IIS 7.0. Unfortunately there was a small problem with one of the local web applications that I host from my machine.Simply put, the application refused to start in IIS, and each attempt to start it resulted in a modal pop-up informing me that the process was in use. I quick peek at the error log showed the following... [More]

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1: First Impressions

by Colin Cochrane 3/12/2008 8:54:00 PM
Since the IE development team releasing the first beta version of Internet Explorer 8 for developers last week, I've had the chance to play around with this latest incarnation of the Internet Explorer family. While most of the focus has been on the improved support for web standards, which is immediately evident even in this early beta, there are many more new features and enhancements that are making IE8 look like its shaping up into a solid browser. [More]

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