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The Worlds Most Appropriate Image Alt Attribute

As all good web developers know, accessibility is a very important consideration with an ever increasing proportion of the population that is old and decrepit. One of the more important accessibility features is the image alt attribute that is used to describe an image for visually impaired users. It's always nice to find a site that has accessbility in mind by providing good descriptions of an image within the alt attribute text.

 This particular example has got to be the best I have ever come across, and is an inspired choice of descriptive text that makes it clear to the elderly user what shenanigans are going on within the picture.


You didn't think I could top that did you?

This interesting commentary on modern family life within the UK can be found here,

 Note, unfortunately the alt text has been changed since this screenshot was taken. The good SEO strategy of a related high value keyword in the picture filename remains, however.