Colin Cochrane

Colin Cochrane is a Software Developer based in Victoria, BC specializing in C#, PowerShell, Web Development and DevOps.

ASP.NET's Answer to WordPress

It's an exciting time to be an ASP.NET developer.  As the ASP.NET community continues to grow we find ourselves with an ever-increasing aresenal of tools, controls and frameworks at our disposal.  Unfortunately this can make the decision on a component a little more difficult, as very few of the components out there have reached that point where they are largely considered the "standard".  ASP.NET blogging engines certainly fall in to this category, as many of you have probably noticed.

 When I decided to create this blog I had some definite requirements in mind when it came to choosing a blog engine.  First and foremost it had to render completely valid XHTML because I practice what I preach in respect to W3C compliance.  Control over SEO-important aspects such as canonical URLs and meta descrition elements were a necessity.  It also had to have a URL strategy that didn't rely on a "/page.aspx?id=123456789"-style mess of a querystring. Finally, the underlying code had to be well-organized and lean.  Without a de-facto "standard" for ASP.NET blog engines I started hunting around and researching the options that were out there.

I tried some different ASP.NET blog engines such as dasBlog and subText, but found the markup that was rendered was not acceptable.  Then I came across BlogEngine.NET, which, I was thrilled to discover, met all of my requirements.  It's light weight, very easy to set up, and is very well-designed and organized under the hood.  A nice feature is that, by default, it doesn't require a SQL  database to run, instead storing all posts, comments and settings in local XML files.  Of course SQL database integration is available, and is also easy to get up and running.  Aesthetically it comes with a nice collection of themes, which are quite easy to modify, and creating your own themes is a straightforward process. 

The above factors have led me to believe that BlogEngine.NET is in a position to become to ASP.NET what WordPress is for PHP.  If any of you are currently trying to decide on a solid ASP.NET blog system you should definitely try BlogEngine.NET.  You won't be disappointed.