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Colin Cochrane is a Software Developer based in Victoria, BC specializing in C#, PowerShell, Web Development and DevOps.

Google Supports Obama for US Presidancy - Anti Hillary Propoganda on Google Website

It's already widely known that Google employees support Barack Obama ahead of the clean cut Ms. Clinton for the Democratic party presidential nomination. Interestingly, the Yahoo brigade also favour Obama, whereas those at evil lovely Microsoft prefer Hillary. I wonder if there'll be some employee "re-education" at Yahoo when Microsoft eventually forces through the takeover.

Now I have discovered some tenuous compelling evidence that there may be some sort of strong-arm tactics at Google to force the will of the company on its employees. Whilst enjoying an informative Google Adsense Optimization Demo presentation, I found the following blatantly partisan anti Hillary subliminal messaging within a presentation slide. Click "Pick Colors that Complement Your Site" to skip straight to the offending slide.


Google AdSense Presentation Supports Obama

Examining the highlighted Adsense examples on this slide we can see the rather obvious anti Hillary propoganda. "Hillary is a Liar" barks the ad title of one, "anti-hillary" ad text in another.


Anti-Hillary AsSense Ad Examples
Associating poor old Hillary with the oft-disliked current Republican administration in this way is also highly amusing and obviously reflects the political opinions of the presentation author (and possibly Google?).

The Broiled Laptop And My Lack of Recent Posts

Flaming Laptop

Note: This is not my real laptop.

I just wanted to give a quick update explaining the lack of posts here for the past couple of weeks.  Basically my trusty Compaq V3030CA laptop bit the dust about a week and a half ago, after a series of increasingly serious problems finally took their toll.  After a bit of research, I discovered that there were several lines of HP and Compaq laptops that had an issue with the default BIOS, and HP was offering a "Limited Warranty Service Enhancement" that essentially offers an extension of the manufacturers warranty if you:

A) Have laptop that is a member of one of the following HP/Compaq series of laptops:



  • dv20xx
  • dv21xx
  • dv22xx
  • dv23xx
  • dv24xx
  • dv60xx
  • dv61xx
  • dv62xx
  • dv63xx
  • dv64xx
  • dv90xx
  • dv92xx
  • dv93xx
  • dv94xx
  • v30xx
  • v31xx
  • v32xx
  • v33xx
  • v34xx
  • v60xx
  • v61xx
  • v62xx
  • v63xx
  • v64xx

B) Are experiencing wireless problems and/or display problems.

In my case, I had the pleasure of experiencing the wireless problems for some time (though I chalked it up to my router rather than my notebook) before I started getting random lockups and eventually extremely distorted video that would be immediately followed by my system locking up.


The Root Cause

 It turns out that the default BIOS for these particular laptops were configured to turn on the case fan when the processer (an AMD Turion x64 in my case) reached a temperature of 55° Celsius; a perfectly acceptable temperature for that chip.  Unfortunately the rest of the components in these laptops depended on that fan for cooling, and by the time the Turion chip reached 55° (which takes a while because the chip runs quite cool) the rest of the components in the machine were literally cooking themselves into premature failure.

So my machine is off at HP getting repaired free-of-charge, so if you are experiencing the same problems and have one of the laptops listed above, by all means contact HP and they will take care of everything (shipping, repairs) completely free of charge.   I'm expecting my machine back in about a week or so, at which time I'll get back to a more regular posting schedule.